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Wildlife Trapping in San Diego

Pacific Coast Animal Control offers professional trapping services for customers who have problems with nuisance animals such as raccoons, opossums, snakes, gophers, skunks, pigs, coyotes, badgers, squirrels and more. Trapping contracts are for a period of 10 days. Pacific Coast Animal Control strives for customer satisfaction and professional excellence.

Where Did They Come From?

It is important to remember when dealing with problem wildlife, that it is not normal for humans to have any interaction with these pest animals in the urban environment on a regular basis. Many times, human wildlife conflict and property damage are the result of diseased animals desperately clinging to survival. Often times, pet owners in the neighborhood leave pet food out at night, attracting wildlife to the area. Pet food sources are the most common way to attract skunks, raccoons, and opossums to your neighborhood.

Humane Raccoon Trapping

Right now in San Diego county raccoons are having babies in out of the way places and some not so out of the way places in North County San Diego. If you are experiencing this in your attic or under your house we have the 100% all natural humane solution that will help, and see that no harm comes to the mother or babies.

Please call (760) 696-7604 for prices and any questions you may have regarding this or any of our other trapping services.