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Wildlife Exclusion in San Diego

Frustrated at the continued encroachment of wildlife on valuable landscaping? Or are raccoon’s continually making their homes in your attic or under your house. This can be a major source of frustration and a finical burden. To prevent further animal or wildlife infestations, exclusion work is necessary. Make sure to have us secure your vulnerable areas with barriers to prevent future damage and save hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Common access points include but are not limited to openings under eves, divots under fence lines, shingle roofing, gate entryways, thresholds, poorly installed snake fencing, and much more. Our professional team has the experience and knowledge to overcome any obstacle. The most common access point in North County San Diego for Raccoons looking to den up and have babies is underneath eves.

Snake Fencing

Pacific Coast Animal Control operators can install snake fencing on your property to prevent future occurrence. Snake fencing is an all or nothing operation. There is little value in only securing a portion of the area you wish to keep snakes from entering. When installing snake barriers. Pacific Coast Animal Control operates by the pinky rule. If your pinky finger can fit through or under, the area needs to be addressed. Rattlesnakes are extremely venomous and have excellent camouflage. It is not uncommon to pass by one several times before you spot it. Children and family pets are the most common victims of rattlesnake bites. Protect the loved ones in your household and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a snake barrier from Pacific Coast Animal Control. Most snakes are not venomous and pose little threat to humans. We are dedicated to the safe handling and humane treatment of all wildlife and are looking forward to working with you.