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This is an update one year later...We hired Pacific Coast Animal Control for the 2nd year in a row. They came out at 8:00 tonight to remove a mother opossum and 8 babies. They're fast, efficient, humane, and charge a fair price. PCAC service was great from start to finish and they were much more reasonably priced than another company I had called a few minutes earlier. They removed a mama opossum and 10 large babies from our back yard today all in a matter of minutes. They returned my first phone call within 10 minutes and were at my home within an hour. This was critical since the babies were so big they were ready to leave the mother. Our whole neighborhood will be very thankful there aren't 10 more opossums running around.

I woke up yesterday morning and found a raccoon in my kitchen. I left the sliding door open. Found Pacific Coast Animal Control on Google and they came out immediately to haul this little guy away. Very humane, quick response time.

Pacific Coast Animal Control was a great decision for our Bee removal problem. One phone call was all it took, and they took care of the rest. The service provided was very professional and I would recommend PCAC to anyone! It was obvious that Chris had years vast experience removing bees, and that without his help we would have a much bigger problem on our hands. The problem we had was not able to be solved by a previous exterminator. I feel confident that now the problem is gone and that if we have any problem PCAC will do everything possible to solve our problem. Excellent company. I highly recommend them.

Great Service! I called them for bee removal and was told they would be out at 3PM. Chris showed up right at 3PM and got right to work. He was very professional and explained the process thoroughly. I will definitely recommend PCAC to family and friends!

Superb service at a fair price! I called them to remove a baby rattlesnake near our front porch, terrified that our 2 little girls could be bitten. Chris headed to our house right away. He was very polite and informative, and captured the snake quickly. He even provided a free inspection of our yard, and made suggestions on keeping future snakes out. I plan to recommend PCAC to all of my neighbors.

Follow Up to July 23, 2011 Review. More Great Service. The rattlesnake reappeared and PCAC responded immediately. The snake was hiding in a location that was difficult to safely extract the snake from. Chris took the time to figure it out and did what it took to get the job done. The snake was captured safely, unharmed and was removed from our property. Recommended. We asked PCAC to help us find, capture and remove a small rattlesnake we had seen several times in the past week on the side of our house. Chris with PCAC arrived on time, listened to our description of the problem, and recommended a reasonable and fair approach to the situation. Chris performed a thorough search and inspection of our property, and provided a professional explanation of the process. We did not find the snake, but his thoroughness and the information he provided gave us comfort that we probably did not have a long term problem. He also recommended ways to make our property less desirable to rattlesnakes and safer for us if there was a rattlesnake.

Professional, fast response. Was at my house in record time to get a rattlesnake. Very informative and helpful in coming up with ways to protect my family, including a very curious 2-year-old. Fair prices and fast work. No silly business. Would highly recommend to anyone having or suspecting snake and other animal issues.

Pacific Animal Control came and removed bees (without using toxins!) from my work place. They were polite and professional, answered any questions we had and gave us a great price. I recommend them to any friends and family who have wildlife issues! 5 stars! Great guys!

Great service at a reasonable price.Chris from p.c.a.c. has trapped 10 racoons in my back yard since i hired them to do the removal.They did a terrifica job .Would highly recomend them for any of your animal needs.

Life saver! After countless nights losing sleep to 'house noises' Chris (I think the owner) came out and not only took care of what turned out to be a sizable raccoon problem, but he also gave some great simple tips on what I could do to stop them from coming back. So nice to find someone honest who actually wants to help instead of just leaving things as is in the hopes of repeat business. Can't recommend them enough!

This was a great service! They removed some raccoons for us, arrived right away, and were significantly cheaper than the other companies that we talked to. I've already recommended them to some friends of ours who had other wildlife issues, so I'd suggest them for anyone!

Took care of the opossum problem that was riling up my dogs at night! Very happy with their service.

We had a dead opossum hidden beneath our deck. Within a half hour of our discovery, Pacific Coast Animal Control came out. It was already dark, but w/in 10 minutes the animal was found and hauled away. PCAC is professional, quick, and a total lifesaver!

Called them @ 3 in the morning and they came out and took the giant snake we found in our garage. they were so professional and they showed up to the house really fast. we were scared and they took care of everything.

Great Service! Pacific Coast Animal Control was the only service that would come out and remove a dead skunk from my driveway after 7pm! They did the job for less than the competition and were very easy to deal with. Would recommend.