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Skunk Control & Removal in San Diego

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The Striped skunk is the most common skunk encountered in San Diego. Like all skunks, Striped skunks have the ability to spray a foul-smelling fluid from two glands near the base of their tail. Skunk spray is oily and difficult to remove. If sprayed in the eyes, it causes intense pain and temporary blindness. Newborn skunks can spray when they are eight days old, long before they develop the ability to aim, a skill they learn after opening their eyes at about a month old.

Pacific Coast Animal Control wildlife technicians are specially trained in trapping the Striped skunk. We humanely release them in approved areas far from your home or euthanize them based on the situation. All skunk trapping is done in accordance with local, state, and federal laws.

Skunk Dens / Burrows

Finding shelter is priority one for skunks. Skunks rarely dig new burrows, but will if they see a prime location under an existing structure. They prefer to seek out existing holes they can call their own. Skunks often den under houses, sheds, hot tubs, decks and other structures via holes at soil level.

Skunk Food Sources

After a new den has been established, skunks search for sources of food. Skunks dig small, funnel shaped holes in your lawn and garden as they search for worms, grubs and other insects. When normal sources of food aren’t present, skunks eat fruit, vegetables, get into trash bags left on the ground and pet food containers. In some circumstances, skunks have been known to attack chickens, rabbits and bee hives.

Skunk Exclusion

If you have a skunk problem, we strongly recommend preventative maintenance steps to keep your skunks from returning. Skunks use already existing openings around the home as dens. If these holes are left unsealed, more skunks will move in. We eliminate the presence of future skunks by sealing any openings that they might use.

Pacific Coast Animal Control offers professional trapping, removal, cleanup, deodorizing and exclusion services for skunks in San Diego county. Skunk trapping contracts are for a period of 10 days so we can ensure that your skunk problem is completely eliminated. We strive for customer satisfaction and professional excellence. Please call (760) 696-7604 for prices and any questions you may have regarding skunk trapping services.