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Raccoon Control & Removal in San Diego

Raccoons have been displaced from their natural habitats in San Diego by urban sprawl. Over time, Raccoons have acclimated to life around humans and are a common sight near food and water sources available to them.

Raccoon Trapping & Removal

raccoon trapping removal

Spring time is when we receive numerous calls about raccoons taking up residence in attics, crawl spaces, trees and walls. It is essential that home owners, property management companies, and businesses confront this problem head-on with the help of professionals as soon as possible.

In most cases, a female raccoon is preparing to give birth and has selected your property as her new home. Raccoons cause a significant amount of damage to houses and other structures. Raccoons have no reservations about tearing holes in your roof or walls. Once inside, Raccoons shred insulation materials to make a nest. After the nest is constructed, the Raccoons will urinate and defecate within your attic to mark its territory. The longer the Raccoons stay in the attic, the more damage will be done, sometimes costing the property owner upwards of thousands of dollars in repair and cleanup fees. We are committed to the humane trapping of Raccoons within San Diego county and look forward to working with you.

Raccoon Waste Cleanup

After the Raccoons have been removed from your property, we’ll clean out the toxic urine and feces. We’ll remove and replace the damaged insulation - deodorizing the affected area as we go.

Raccoon Exclusion

If you have a Raccoon problem, we strongly recommend preventative maintenance steps to keep your Raccoons from returning. Raccoons tend to use already existing openings around the home for their nests. If these holes are left unsealed after your Raccoons are removed, more will move in. We eliminate the presence of future Raccoons infestations by sealing any openings that squirrels might use.

Pacific Coast Animal Control offers professional trapping, removal, cleanup and exclusion services for raccoons in San Diego county. Raccoons trapping contracts are for a period of 10 days so we can ensure that your Raccoon problem is completely eliminated. If you call quickly, Raccoon damage can be kept to a minimum and all access points repaired and sealed. We strive for customer satisfaction and professional excellence. Please call (760) 696-7604 for prices and any questions you may have regarding Raccoon trapping services.