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Coyote Trapping & Extermination in San Diego

Coyotes are a species of wild dog found in San Diego. They are smaller than wolves and while they travel in packs, they tend to hunt in pairs instead. Coyotes typically live on rabbits and rodents, but have been known to eat livestock, poultry, dogs, cats, fruit, berries, vegetables and animal waste. When sources of food are present, Coyotes will search for suitable places to establish dens and raise their young. Coyotes are highly territorial, attacking humans and killing pets which come to close to their new homes.

Coyote Trapping & Humane Extermination

Do not attempt to capture Coyotes yourself! Pacific Coast Animal Control’s technicians are state licensed and specially trained in humane Coyote trapping, humane extermination exclusion services. We use special tools and techniques to quickly trap the offending Coyote. After catching these pests, we humanely exterminate them using state approved methods. All humane Coyote trapping is done in accordance with local, state, and federal laws.

Coyote Exclusion

If you have a Coyote problem, we strongly recommend preventative maintenance steps to keep your Coyotes from returning. Coyotes tend to use already existing openings around the home for their dens. If these holes are left unsealed after your Coyotes are removed, more will move in. We eliminate the presence of future Coyote infestations by sealing any openings that Coyotes might use.

Pacific Coast Animal Control offers professional trapping services for customers who have continued problems with coyotes. Coyote trapping contracts are for a period of 10 days. We strive for customer satisfaction and professional excellence. Please call (760) 696-7604 for prices and any questions you may have regarding coyote trapping or elimination services.