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Bird Control & Removal in San Diego

We have several nuisance bird species in San Diego but birds are not always pests. Birds often help the local environment by feeding on insects and dispersing seeds. While they may not pose a threat to humans, their feces can cause an unsightly mess on your property. We offer humane removal and deterrent solutions for Crows, Doves, Finches, Pigeons, Sea Gulls, Sparrows Owls and Woodpeckers. We are dedicated to the safe handling and humane treatment of all nuisance bird species.

Pigeon Control & Abatement

Pigeons are found around the world in a variety of climates and environments. They feed on fruit, seeds and in some cases insects. Pigeons can help a local environment by spreading seeds, but in large numbers, their waste can create a mess and become problematic for home and business owners.

Bird Exclusion

If you have a bird problem, we strongly recommend preventative maintenance steps to keep your birds from returning. Birds tend to use already existing openings around the home to make their nests. If these holes are left unsealed, more birds will move in. We eliminate the presence of future bird infestations by sealing any openings that they might use.

Bird Spike Strips

Birds spike strips are humane deterrents to bird roosting in common problem areas. Spike strips are especially useful in commercial areas with ongoing bird control problems. Bird abatement spike strips are environmentally friendly, non-lethal and provide a lasting bird control solution.

Pacific Coast Animal Control offers a variety of methods to control the local bird population. We are committed to safe, nondestructive methods to remove bird populations and prevent them from returning. Please call (760) 238-0381 today for more information about our bird services.